3 Poems by Anne Mikusinski

Warren Ellis and Anne
Warren Ellis and Anne Mikusinski, Image by: Elizabeth Reilly.

The Tortured Artist Shows Us How Not To Be Seen

Anchored against a back wall
He slouches
Blending in.
Gathering all his light around him
Holding it close
Longing for a cigarette
Or something to do with his hands.
Focusing his attention
Towards a stage he is not on.
For tonight
Anonymity is embraced
And he gets to watch
Not be watched
This, is living.

The Muse’s Foil

Sometimes I bite
Drawing blood
A not-so-gentle nudge
As a reminder that I
In a way that only
He can understand
Giving an acknowledgment to
This undefined
And quiet
Inanimate yet amorous
Creating a maelstrom
Of art and noise
As we move together
He pushes me away
Then raises me up
As sacrifice and tribute
An offering for the pulsing crowd
Then draws me back
To hold me close
Continuing our private conversation
On mutual ownership
And occasional bliss

Late Summer Evening

The day’s fever breaks
As thin white clouds
Trace eggshell cracks
Against the fading blue
The heat leaves
In sighing gasps of
Tepid air
Circling the drain
As night comes in
Spreading out
Its indigo dropcloth
And sprinkling the stars
Upon it

Writer Bio:

Anne Mikusinski, Image by: Anne Mikusinski.

Anne Mikusinski has been writing poetry and short stories since she was seven years old and most probably making them up long before she could hold a pen or pencil in her hand. She finds inspiration in music and art, and sometimes, even in little things that happen every day. Her influences range from Robert Frost and Dylan Thomas to David Byrne and Nick Cave, and she hopes one day, her work will inspire others in the same way these writers have been an inspiration to her.

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  1. These are great! My favorite is Late Summer Evening — beautiful imagery, especially here:

    The day’s fever breaks
    As thin white clouds
    Trace eggshell cracks
    Against the fading blue

  2. What perfectly beautiful words~ I’m so happy to see Anne get some recognition that she greatly deserves! Keep up the brilliant work.

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