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I bring you my words so you feel less alone as a creative or creatively minded person in the world. You might be some kind of bad-ass weirdo – exactly my favourite kind of person – in the process of stepping into their full range of bad-assery. This might mean confronting your dreams head-on, this might mean shedding old skins, this might mean that you finally seek the comfort that your soul has been calling out for all your life. Are you ready for artist mentoring in a snappy little weekly email package? Plus lots more as I let you into my artistic world? Keep in touch with all things Gemma and all things you by signing up to my personal artist newsletter below! Cos it’s all about us both, you know? Pop your email in the box and hit join.

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The Age, The Attitude of Cups (MPU), Award Winning Australian Writing, Best Australian Poems, foam:e, The Green Fuse, page seventeen, Regime Magazine, Unusual Work, Verity La, Visible Ink & Voiceworks.

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Hi, I am Gemma White

Let me teach you about poetry. I’ve written and studied it since 2003. At the University of Melbourne and the University of Edinburgh I learned shit tonnes about all kinds of writing. Plays, short stories, essays, reviews, the list goes on. But my favourite has always been poetry. Me & poetry, we go way back…

It began with a broken heart. I was travelling around the USA in a lovesick daze, stumbling between states in my purple Converses. The only thing that made it hurt less was writing. Then back in Australia on the dole, I did it cos I was fucking bored. My mind needed to go on some adventures otherwise I was really going to go insane. While I’m grateful for the jobs I’ve had that clothe and feed me, they just don’t soothe my soul the way poetry does and continues to do. Maybe you’ve felt the same way? Maybe writing is not a choice for you but a compulsion. 

Anyway, this compulsion got me published, helped me meet friends and lovers, and led to fame and fortune (well, maybe not those two – yet!). But seriously, poetry is fucking fun. Perhaps not more fun than fucking but fucking fun. Whether you want to get published or just do the thing because there’s nothing else like it. I see you, and I write for you. This website is not just about me, it’s about you. I want to make cool stuff to help you on your writing journey. Let’s set sail together. There’s maps to draw and gold to find, I promise!

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60+ poems published

5+ years of editing experience

Furniture is Disappearing Hero Shot

Currently SOLD OUT. Get notified when second edition is available. 

"Gemma's intelligent poems marry the reflective and sensory with a clarity that brings direct experience into sharp focus. They are about being fully awake to an emotional truth and make honesty an art form for a richer experience of being alive"

– Poet Claire Gaskin on Furniture is Disappearing.

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