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Oh My Rapture is a book about Nick Cave, music, healing, bipolar and creativity. It’s been getting rave reviews. Here’s your chance to experience it too!

What can my books do for you?

  • If you’ve ever felt like you don’t belong, you need to read my books.
  • If you’ve ever felt heart-wrenching grief over a breakup or loss, you need to read my books.
  • If you like poetry by Charles Bukowski or music by Courtney Barnett, you need to read my books.
  • If you like plainspoken poetry with just a drizzle of poetic devices, you need to read my books.
  • There will be very few (i.e., no, well, maybe one) references to Greek mythology. Instead, there will be references to sausage dogs. There will be just the right amount of sauciness and, above all, a strident commitment to truth as I see it.
  • You will come away from my books cleansed of the bullshit of everyday life, renewed, invigorated, perhaps having had a laugh or two. There will be a feeling of connection, of recognition. Perhaps you see something in me that is also in you. This connection is what I strive for when I write. To reach you, dear reader. Right in the heart and the guts.

This is me!

Hi! I’m Gemma. Poet and author of Oh My Rapture and Furniture is Disappearing. I live in Melbourne, Australia, sing in a band and go to lots of music gigs. I have a particular liking for sausage dogs and an affinity with creative/alternative types of people. I also live with bipolar and sometimes I write a bit about that as I think it’s important. But lots of my writing is about creativity and what it means to navigate the world full of things: careers, art, relationships, all of it!

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