Gemma White Poetry Reading Melbourne
Gemma at a poetry reading yay!

Gemma White


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Gemma White. Poet from Melbourne, Australia. Gemma has been writing poetry with semi-serious intent since 2006. It all started when a love relationship went wrong, or, more accurately when it went as it was supposed to. There was much gnashing of teeth and writing of poetry by Gemma as a result. It was the genesis of many popular poems by Gemma White, that ended up starring in her eventual book. Poems such as:


Tonight, he’s having me
over for dinner.
I’ll be licking the storms
from his mind like
(He can thank me

& Crimson Encounter

I am seeing red. Bright red nail polish
on my toes as they stick out from under your doona.
War-time red lipstick brightening my mouth,
smudged now from your urgent kisses…

All her pain, heartbreak, sickness, and sorrow were poured into those poems. As a poet, she had a purpose, and that purpose was to freezeframe precious memories with her poetry, so every detail would be saved. Kind of like a spare hard drive, but this one is made up of Gemma’s poetry.

There were things that happened along the way, of course. As things do. And so, Gemma White, poet from Melbourne, was published in a range of Australian literary magazines and journals, including Best Australian Poems. She also studied poetry at The University of Melbourne and the University of Edinburgh.

Finally, Gemma released her first book of poetry, Furniture is Disappearing, with the help of Interactive Press.

Things said about the book:

These intelligent poems marry the reflective and sensory with a clarity that brings direct experience into sharp focus. They are about being fully awake to an emotional truth and make honesty and art form for a richer experience of being alive.

Claire Gaskin, Poet.

Since then, Gemma has written more poetry but also has developed an interest in a whole food plant-based diet. So you will find on this website blog musings on a whole bunch of topics, but especially creativity and food/recipes.

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Things Gemma is interested in:

  • Sausage dogs and mugs depicting sausage dogs
  • Rosemary plants
  • Mint plants
  • Whole food diet and occasional veganism
  • Nick Cave
  • Bukowski
  • Brightly coloured tights
  • There’s other things too, but those are the main ones.




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