Published Poems

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2007 – 2014






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The Age – ‘When You Showed Me The Stars’

The Attitude of Cups (MPU) – ‘Father’s Breath’

Award Winning Australian Writing (Melbourne Books 2011) – ‘Wanted: Poet’

Best Australian Poems (Black Inc 2013) – ‘When You Showed Me The Stars’

foam:e 10 – ‘Photographs’

The Green Fuse (Picaro Press) – ‘Wanted: Poet’

page seventeen 7 – ‘The Night Does Not Creep’

Regime Magazine 3 – ‘Crimson Encounter’

Unusual Work No. 14 – 

Verity La – ‘Incoherence’

Verity La – ‘Friendship’

Verity La – ‘Crimson Encounter’

Visible Ink 22 – ‘Ardent Lovemaking’ 

Voiceworks 77 – ‘The Roadside Florist (Ringo Starr Gives Up Everything To Pursue A Childhood Dream)’ 


Verity La – ‘Your Writing Tastes Like Blood’

Unusual Work No.25 – ‘The Antidote’

Unusual Work No. 25 – ‘High School Swimming Day’ 

Unusual Work No.27 – ‘Tall Things’  

Verity La – ’10 (Professional Dreams)’

Verity La – ’26 (I Have A Condition)’

Verity La – ’48 (My Madness Is A Burnt Orange Fox)’