Where Does Creativity Come From?

Where Does Creativity Come From FP

It is my experience as an artist – a writer-poet-musician-painter – that creativity flows into my being from some outside source. What this outside source is in your world depends on the language and system of beliefs you have. I call it God. Other people call it The Universe, a Higher Power, Gaia, the Goddess, Jesus, Mary, Buddha, and a host of other names throughout the world. Maybe for some people it is simply connection. The main point for me with all this is that creativity does not originate in me. Creativity is bigger than me. I am simply one channel of creativity in the world. Just as a single tree is but one conductor of lightning. 

How Can I Be Creative? Or Help Myself Experience More Creativity? 

To be creative is to be receptive to creativity, and to make room for it in your mind, body and soul. This could mean blocking out time to work in your studio each week. It could look like treating your body with respect so that you are a clearer channel for creativity to come through. Maybe it means letting go of self-criticism and allowing your creative talents to bloom. 

What Does It Mean To Practice Creativity? 

When I practice creativity I am conducting alchemy on myself, spinning my darkness into gold that I can then share with other people.  My intention when sharing my creativity is to have a healing and uplifting effect on the world. Not everyone has this intention when they create and share art. Artists can have a multitude of motivations. But I can only speak to my own reasons for creating.

Can I Run Out Of Creativity? What if I Doubt My Artistic Talent? 

I am happy to know that I can never run out of creativity because I am not the origin. God has an endless supply of this glorious stuff so as long as I am open to God, I am open to creativity. You don’t need to believe in God to use creativity, just as you don’t need to understand electricity in order to use it in your home. But thinking of creativity as having a source other than yourself is helpful. When your creativity comes from within you, that means you can doubt it. It also means you can get trapped in debates with yourself over the quality of your work. But when your creativity comes from elsewhere, it becomes less about you and more about fate. The creativity has chosen to come through you – your pen, your paint brush, your guitar etc – and it is your job to bring it into the light.   

What is it Inside Everybody that Allows us to Create?

Given that I believe that creativity comes from God, or at the very least, an outside source, then I view creativity as an energy. I actually visualise it being sent down my body through the top of my head by God. When I need more energy, I can ask for some. When I want to infuse my art with a certain positive purpose, I can ask God to help me do that. So what is it that drives us to create? Well, it is a build up of artistic energy that needs to find an outlet. And so we paint, we sing, we knit, we do whatever artistic thing we prefer. Some people even believe that if you do not put your creative energy to good use, it can become stagnant in your body and cause illness. I think that’s possible though I don’t have any proof of that theory. But I do know that when I am creating I feel awesome. So why wouldn’t I create? It’s the most fun you can have without lying down. 

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