Review of Leonie Dawson’s 40 days to a finished book course

Hi there, from one wannabe writer to another:

I want to share a secret with you today. A writer’s trick of the trade if you will. It’s something that only certain people know about, and right now I’m about to let you into the circle of downright awesomeness, the aura of amazing, which occurs with stunning regularity when you are in the digital presence of entrepreneur Leonie Dawson. If you’re into creativity or living your dreams, then you need to know about Leonie Dawson.

I enrolled in her course 40 days to a finished book, and the pace of the course gave me a sweeping momentum that helped me finish my second book of poetry in mere months. Now, I know what you’re thinking, it said 40 days. Well, some of us take longer on creative missions than others. To put my timeline into perspective, it took me five whole fucking years to write the previous book!

Having Leonie’s gentle ass-kicking and the accountability inbuilt into the course was exactly what I needed to get my first draft finished. I am now shlepping my manuscript around to publishers. And while that stage is always somewhat painful, my god I created a whole poetry book in only a few months!

It’s a great achievement, and if you are thinking of enrolling in 40 days to a finished book, you really should, it’s a gentle whisper of encouragement followed by a swift knee to the backside. Leonie is part mentor part dominatrix and it’s a mix that really works for us creative types who can get stuck right before taking action on our succulent wild dreams.

So if you are a fellow creative, if you know you’ve got a book inside you, but you don’t know how to birth it, enrol in 40 days to a finished book today and get that shit sorted! Dream achieved, the project crossed off. You’ve only got one precious life. Do it for yourself.

You’ll thank me later.

P.S. There are affiliate links in this blog post, and I may get a small fee for the referral. That being said, I think that without doing Leonie Dawson’s course that book could have stayed stuck inside me forever.

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