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Question submitted!

Recently I sent a statement into The Red Hand Files, letting Nick Cave know about the new poetry book I have written which references some of his work. It was a big moment of surrender, not knowing what will happen or won’t happen after this point. Not knowing if my work is good enough, but having to put that thought aside.

My experience with my first book, Furniture is Disappearing

When my first book came out, I felt so much shame. Who was I to put a book of poetry out? It certainly couldn’t be any good. So I didn’t promote it. But this is the trap so many poets and other writers fall into. They think that once they have written a book, their work is done. But that’s just the beginning. Now you must birth your book into the world and make sure it has a soft place to land by promoting it!

Never again will I feel shame about my work. Poetry is so subjective anyway, there are bound to be people who love what you do and people who hate it, and some people in between. I recently checked up on some online reviews of my first book, Furniture is Disappearing. There was this review on Google play:

On Goodreads, the prognosis was slightly lower, but some people rated it as high as 4 stars, overall it came in at just over 3/5.

We are back in the 4/5 territory on my publisher’s store, with this review by Brendan Bonsack, highly accomplished Melbourne poet and musician:

What I take from those reviews of my book

Everyone seems to have a different opinion, and as a creative person, I cannot be held responsible for what my muse does and brings through me. The quantity is under my control, but the quality is not. I mean, I can edit to do my due diligence, and get editorial feedback, but that is really it.

How I want to proceed with this Nick Cave book

So when I am approaching this Nick Cave manuscript, I do so with joy, optimism, and hope in my heart. I let go of self-criticism and self-condemnation. I believe that there is a good reason that this book has come through me and that people need to read it. I may not know the reason, but that is unimportant. There is a reason, and it will unfold in perfect divine order.

Today I contacted Nick Cave’s management team as well, and I was happy with the email I sent them. It is amazing to be corresponding with them and I am humbled by the experience. I have big hopes for this book, and I look forward to seeing them manifest in their own perfect way.

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