How to Use Hashtags on Instagram Most Effectively

If you’re using hashtags on Instagram, but you’re not really seeing the results you want, you might not be using hashtags on Instagram as effectively as possible. There are a number of simple do’s and don’ts when it comes to using hashtags on Instagram, and once you know these simple tricks, you can be much more strategic in your hashtag approach. See below for some basic tenants of how to use Hashtags on Instagram, and be prepared to see improvements in your outcomes. Whether you own a brick-and-mortar business, a service business, or whether you are an artist, these tips and tricks can help you when you go to use hashtags on Instagram.

What Are Hashtags on Instagram?

Hashtags are a way of grouping similar content under topics and work the same way keywords do when you type things into Google.


Change your Instagram account type to business/creator so you can see insights.

Instagram’s latest recommendation is to use 3 – 5 high-quality hashtags.

Using a combination of smaller and larger hashtags is best (by post volume).

Think quality over quantity.

Use location-based hashtags eg. #Sydneycafes

Have a bank of hashtags saved to your phone for easy reference.

Add 1 -2 more specific hashtags to the content of your post eg. #toastedsandwich for a café.

Update your hashtags every now and then.

Mix up your hashtags so you are not using the exact same ones all the time.

Make sure your hashtags are relevant.

Use hashtags to target a market of people you want to appeal to eg. #easternsuburbsmums

Use hashtags that have a post size between 10 thousand and 1 million.


Don’t use broad, generic hashtags like #love.

Don’t use all 30 hashtags.

Don’t use hashtags that are irrelevant to your content or audience.

Don’t use hashtags that have over 1-2 million posts.

Don’t use the same hashtags for every post.

How to Find Hashtags on Instagram

Use the search bar in the Instagram App.

Look at what competitors are using.

Go down the rabbit hole – find a hashtag you like and see what posts in that feed match your content, and then look at the hashtags on those posts.

When using hashtags, make sure your content fits with the other content being posted to that hashtag.

Keep a list of potential hashtags, working out where your brand fits. 

As my audience often has an artistic bent, I wanted to share this post with you so you can have more information about Instagram and how to best use hashtags, as often there is conflicting information out there, and it’s hard to know who to believe. I learned this information from a credible source, and have every confidnce that it will help you in your business.

For more guidance on social media, check out The Social Sandwich.

Have fun with hashtags! Wishing you so many blessings,

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