How to Live Your Dream Life

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Keep your body healthy

As a basis for living a good life, keeping your body healthy is vital. Someone once told me your health is your wealth. Without it, you can’t do anything else. So eat your fruit and veg, make positive changes to your diet if you need to and ensure you move your body and get some exercise a few times a week. A replenished body can be a powerful ally in helping you live your dream life.

Get clear on your values

It’s hard to live your dream life if you haven’t thought deeply about what is important to you. Sometimes we can avoid thinking about what we want in life because we assume we will need to be a millionaire to make these things happen. But it simply isn’t true in many cases. There are usually many different ways of achieving the things on our wish list for a dream life. Some of the possibilities you won’t even be able to see yet. The how is not your business. Just focus on what you want and how it will feel. Doing so puts into action the law of attraction and starts sending these things and experiences your way.

Act as if 

Once you know what you want, start taking small exploring actions to get you moving ahead towards your life goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re not sure you are ready, or if you are afraid of what might happen if you take action. Just have faith that if you listen to your intuition and don’t rush, the right situations and experiences will come your way. The important thing is to be open to your dreams finding you, and the way you do this is to start taking small immediate actions that prove that you care about these life goals.  

Make the most of opportunities

When in the process of taking your exploring actions, a clear and positive opportunity comes up, take it immediately. The universe loves action. Don’t worry if people around you question your choice or try to instill fear in you about what you are doing. Don’t listen to them. If you are acting on your true intuition, you can rest assured that it will work out well for you. Sometimes our true path can look odd to outsiders because most of society is used to toeing the line. But you are a unique individual. Give that the finger and tread your own path. That is the way you live your dream life.

A word of caution

When I say give that the finger, I don’t mean do rash things that are irresponsible or that will put you in a bad place financially or emotionally. Like, quitting your full-time job before you have another income source set up. What I mean is, if you are sure a course of action is right for you and will support your well-being, then do it and don’t worry about the naysayers. Transformation can be a messy thing and yours might not always make sense to the people around you. Your job is to move towards your value-driven life, as our highest responsibility is our own happiness and contentment.   

The more contentment and happiness you generate for yourself, the more you will have to share with those you love.

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