How To Live A More Creative Life

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What makes up your life is merely a collection of behaviours, or habits. So if you want to live a more creative life, then you need to cultivate habits that nurture creativity. I’m pretty sure I was born an artist, and I grew up knowing that is what I was. But even for someone like me, I still need to put daily effort into maintaining my creativity and my general energy levels. I’m going to imagine you have a 9 – 5 job and you want to try to open your mind and be more creative both in your job and in your life outside of it. Here are my 3 top tips for tapping into creativity in work and life:

1 – Look after your body

This might seem like a strange point, but if you’re not looking after your body, then you simply won’t have the luxury of spare energy for being more imaginative and creative in life. Being tired is really bad for creativity. I know this because I recently started working as a full-time content writer, and I realised that if I went out in the evenings during the week and didn’t get enough sleep, the next day I would be knackered and too tired to write anything decent for my employer. 

Being a tiredness zombie when you’re trying to create art, have a brilliantly original idea or think outside the square, just doesn’t work that well. For all their brain eating habits, zombies are not so good at new ideas! Mainly they just specialise in stumbling about murmuring “mmmm brains” all the time. So get enough sleep, have healthy food to keep your blood sugar levels constant and move your body a few times a day to have the best chance of tapping into creativity in work and life. 

2 – Delight in Your Senses

There is beauty all around you if you just open your eyes and look. The cute pet puppy someone’s walking on a leash down the street or the sun setting while you wait for a bus after work. All these beautiful sights are waiting for you to notice them. Perhaps you go for a walk at lunchtime around the block and you smell the delicious scent of a nearby flowering tree. 

The first step to being an artist is to notice the exquisite beauty around you. The second step is to start creating beautiful and new things yourself. Sensory delights feed the souls of artists. That’s one reason I love wearing bright coloured clothing that have different textures. They please me and are visually pleasurable when I wear them. Start engaging your senses and noticing your environment and you will naturally begin being more imaginative and creative in life. 

3 – Allow Yourself To Play

One of the easiest ways of tapping into creativity is to allow yourself to go into a playful mode. A lot of adults might do this by playing with their kids or pets. But if you need other ways of being more imaginative and creative, you might like to try wearing funny novelty socks, playing a sport for some friendly competitive play, hugging or pillow fighting with your lover, making silly jokes, and generally acting like a big dork. I promise you, these things are lots of fun. 

Doing any creative activities such as painting, drawing, writing, singing and dancing are also all forms of play. But the key is to let go of expectations when you do these activities. Do it for the fun in the moment, rather than to be liked, to be good at something or to achieve any particular ends. With the pressure off your creativity will flourish! Live a more creative life today and take one simple action to step outside of your comfort zone. It will help you tap into your creativity and experience more fun in life!

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