How To Be More Luscious in Everyday Life

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Look after your bodacious body
It’s such a beautiful form. How lucky are you to have this body of much bodaciousness??  

Sit still and listen
When was the last time you sat in silence? It can be so healing and restorative, don’t you think? 

Make time to do your art / writing / music / whatever the thing is
Your art thing is waiting for you, and it’s been oh so patient. Will you reward it with some attention? 

Write a gratitude list
In a grizzly mood? Switch your dial to smile by writing a gratitude list. These things totally work, I promise!

Pray if that’s your thing
Some people believe, some don’t and some are not so sure, but pray if it helps you and pray some more!

Meditate if that’s your thing (or even if it isn’t!)
A calm mind is a real asset. Be like the flowing creek and let that stressful shit float downstream!

Restore yourself with some sleep
Flop into bed and sleep for hours and hours. It’s not lazy, it’s essential! Sleep is your friend!

Eat good food that nourishes you
Eat all the healthies but especially the veggies and fruit! Don’t forget seeds, they are so good for you!

Delight in cooking new things
Even if you think you don’t like cooking, when you find the right recipes, you’ll change your tune! Cook when you have time for the nights when you don’t! 

Sing to your dishes as you clean them
Did you know that dishes get clean quicker the more that you sing to them? I didn’t until a few weeks ago, but I swear it’s true! 

Buy outrageously colourful clothing
If you like colours, then buy radiant colourful clothes, and if you’re a goth at heart, delight yourself by wearing black and lots of it! Or anything in between! Be proud of your personal style!

Hang out with people who make you buzz with happiness
If you are the average of the 5 people you hang out most with, then those 5 people better make you buzz with happiness and glow with love. 

Make your home a beautiful sanctuary
Home is where the heart is, and it’s also your sanctuary where you lay your bones to sleep at night, and where you restore mind and spirit ready for the new day. Make it beautiful!

Dance with your lover (that could be you)
Romance brings the heart alive. Dance with your lover and if you don’t have a lover, dance with your scrumptious self. How good does it feel to be your own best friend?

Notice the wondrous sky and all its colours
Isn’t the sky fantastic with its changing colours and moods? Every day it is different, but no less stunning. Some days bright and blue, some days full of fluffy clouds. How wondrous, eh? 

Look into people’s eyes when you talk to them
Uh-oh a real connection, could it be? Real connections with people feed the soul, no matter how fleeting. They are an act of kindness and a recognition that we are all in this together. 

Write down where your money is coming and going from
Are you a great money custodian? Maybe it’s time to become one by keeping track of your flow of abundance? Repeat after me: What gets measured gets improved! Oh yeah! 

Make time for friends and family
You don’t choose your family but theý’re with you for life. They brought you into this world rightly or wrongly. I’m sure there are lessons to be grateful for in that. Your friends are chosen and come into your life for different reasons at different occasions. Spend time with the ones dear to you to cultivate those relationships. 

Have adventures
Been on an adventure recently? It could have been a trip overseas or interstate, or it could just be a day trip near your local area. Get out exploring, it’s super fun! 

Explore your sexuality
There’s nothing more luscious than sexual desire, so don’t be ashamed. Find out what you like and share it with yourself or with a consenting partner. Remember, they don’t have the key to your sexual fulfillment, you do!

Make a start on your dreams
Do you have big dreams but you’re not sure where to start? Pick one dream and write a list of actions you need to take to make it come true. Then take the first, the smallest of those actions and DO IT today! There, you’ve started! 

I hope someone finds this useful out there. It is also my reminder to live my own luscious life, too! He’s to appreciating the sumptuous good in our lives that’s there for the taking, every day.

Best in Love, Life + Art,


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