How to achieve your dreams

Key takeaways from Dream Chasers’ interview with Josh Pugh

Listen to the interview here.

This article is a response to the podcast Dream Chasers with host Melanie Westbrook. In particular, it references the episode where Melanie interviews Josh Pugh, a Manhattan web entrepreneur. We’re going to discuss 4 key takeaways from this interview for you if you want to achieve your dreams.

  • Find something you understand

Early in life, Josh Pugh found that he really understood computers.

Often, early in life our talents and passions can appear.

If we follow those directions, they can become fertile ground for businesses or careers.

They can help you achieve your dreams by providing signposts to the discipline you might want to work in.

  • Do things for free to get started

It can feel frustrating if you are starting out young trying to achieve your dreams.

But instead of waiting around for opportunities to be handed to you, do something for free.

If you provide a service for free you allow clients to test out what you do.

It’s a no-risk situation for them then, and they might just give you a go.

  • Nothing is wasted

Josh did a degree in psychology but insists that nothing is wasted.

It all acts as a kind of life compost and informs where he is now.

Don’t waste time regretting past decisions.

Move on and look ahead to achieve your dreams.

  • You can never really fail

If you take a leap of faith and move overseas to achieve your dreams, allow yourself the possibility of returning.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to call coming back a failure.

All you can do is give it a shot.

You will soon understand if it is the right leap for you.

And if it’s not, try something else.


Here’s to achieving those dreams!!


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