Why is it so hard to get published & what to do about it?

I remember in my earlier poetry days, some older male poet said something to me about how I was too young to be published or something along those lines. I didn’t say much at the time, but inwards I thought to myself, yeah, we’ll see about that.

Maybe 6 to 12 months later, my manuscript got accepted by a poetry publisher in Australia. It was the first publisher I had approached with the manuscript. 

Is it really that hard to be published???

Which pretty much conks on the head all those ideas about how hard it is to be published that writers like to bandy about. I know that this was just my experience, but it recently occurred to me that this experience is significant. It points to something about my beliefs at the time. 

I found a publisher because I wasn’t expecting the process to be difficult. I’ll say that again; I wasn’t expecting the process to be difficult. In reality, I had no idea what to expect, so I probably didn’t think much of it at all. 

I just entered a competition that a poetry publisher was putting on, and hoped for the best. That simple act, entering the competition plus hoping for the best, got my first book published. 

So what are you expecting, as you send out poems or manuscripts to be published? Are you expecting the best or the worst? Do you have the audacity to show up and declare what the outcome will be before it has happened?

This stuff is mindset work, and it is a constant practice. I am definitely still practising it, but I’ve learnt from some of the best. I know that you get what you expect. So why don’t we focus on expecting what we want? 

There’s something I’ve been playing with recently – writing out my goals like affirmations in my journal-

  • I am a bestselling writer.
  • Money comes to me frequently and easily – just like magic.
  • I love what I do and I do what I love.

I write these kinds of statements out every day. They are not the same every day, the essence might be the same but they might be worded in a different way. It doesn’t matter, it’s the repetition that matters. It’s the intention that matters. 

What is your intention for your writing? Dare you say it out loud or write it in your journal? 

Your beliefs will shape your reality and your results in writing. So they are worth pondering, eh? 

Happy writing,

Gemma White. 

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