3 Habits That Will Make You A Better Writer

Habits are powerful. Especially as they are so darn habitual, meaning, we do them all the time. If you can start new habits that support your writing aspirations, then it’s like you can put part of the improvement process on autopilot. As your habits get repeated and become more ingrained, you start to become a better writer incrementally without even noticing it’s happening. It won’t be until someone remarks in a workshop how much your writing has developed, or you start getting published more often, that it suddenly dawns on you – holy hell, I’m a better writer! But don’t stop your habits just because you’re getting good. Consistency is everything and you still need to put work in to keep up the good results. So, without further ado, here are some habits to make you a better writer:

A Better Writer Uses Routines

Some people write every day, some just every week. Then there are poets who don’t write for months, then have a few months of prolific work. When you’re just starting out and wanting to become a better writer, try to write something at least every week. Don’t freak out if you forget one week. Just pick up the pencil, pen or get on that keyboard again the next week. As you get to know your own natural patterns as a writer – which only happens over time – you will work out what frequency or time of day suits you best for writing. I like the idea of using odd snippets of time, myself. With all these magical devices we carry these days, we always have some method of recording audio or text on us pretty much all the time. Often, I have sat at a tram stop punching out a poem on my phone notes app.

Fill Your Well & Be A Better Writer

Writing comes from experience – your life experience – that is! So you need to have some experiences to draw upon if you want to be a better writer. This doesn’t have to be anything dramatic. You don’t need the world’s most exciting life to be a good poet. It’s not just what happens to you but how you interpret these things and ascribe meaning to them that counts. Maybe if you were a hermit it could be hard to write poetry. But then again, recluse poet Emily Dickinson managed it so really, you’ve got no excuses! When I say fill your well, I am talking about your metaphorical creative well. This is where you keep all your personal impressions of the world – all the images and symbols and snippets of tantalising conversation you’ve overheard recently. All that is grist for the writing mill. Fertile stuff to create poetry out of! If you’re struggling with your creativity, read this blog post!

Read Good Shiz – It’s Fun & Good For You!

It might seem obvious, but it’s surprising how many wannabe writers don’t read. Reading is part of filling your well (see above). By reading, you are subconsciously learning about the structures and kinds of language used in certain literature. The conventions used will change according to the genre. So particularly, if you want to become a better writer, read the kind of stuff you want to write. Find poets or authors who you worship as the writing gods they are. These writing gods will be seminal in your development as a writer, and reading their work will help you… become a better writer!

That’s it!

That’s it, there you have it. 3 quick habits you can implement today in order to up your game and become a better writer. If you want to learn (EVEN) more, you can take my 5 Day Show Don’t Tell Email Poetry Course. Just sign up below, yo.

Also, if you have any tips on habits that have improved your writing, send em my way via this big ‘ole button:

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