The Publishing Story You Rarely Hear

The story of the publication of my first book of poetry, if you are new to getting your poetry published, is something that you don’t usually hear. What happened was, I sent my manuscript of poetry into a publisher’s prize, and I didn’t win the prize, but I did get a publishing contract in Australia, for my book Furniture is Disappearing. 

The Surprise

That is really quite surprising, as I always hear about how hard it is to get published, and how even now famous writers such as J.K. Rowling have had to send their manuscripts to numerous publishers before being accepted and finding enormous success. 

Your Mindset

While I didn’t exactly find enormous success with my first book, I did get a publishing contract in Australia, which is something. I think what helped me in that process was that I didn’t have any negative or positive expectations. I just got my manuscript ready and sent it off. Of course, I was perhaps a little bit hopeful, but I wasn’t so depressed by my chances that I neglected to submit my work to the publisher. 

Why Good Writers Don’t Bother 

I think that sometimes this notion of slim chances of publication means that a lot of good writers don’t even bother to send their manuscripts to publishers. But I got published by the first publisher I sent my work to, so it isn’t always hard to get published, and if for some reason you absolutely can’t find a publisher, you can self-publish. Rupi Kaur, a massively successful poet self published when she couldn’t find a publisher initially and now the rest is history. 

Try Overseas

If you have found that there are not many options for getting your poetry published in your native country – for example to get a publishing contract in Australia – try overseas. Many other countries have larger readerships of poetry making getting your poetry published easier as there is more demand, more publishers and poetry magazines on offer. 

Need Help with Getting Published?

If you are interested in getting your poetry published, then poetry mentoring may help you to find a publishing contract in Australia. It can also help you to stay accountable and encouraged when you send your manuscript out to publishers. If you want help with poetry mentoring, contact me at If you’d like to get to know me first as a mentor and author, sign up for my newsletter, it’s heaps of fun!  

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