About Me

About Me

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Hi, I am Gemma White

Who is Gemma White?

I am a writer who lives in a sharehouse – with resident furry companion – in Melbourne, Australia. Likes include gardening, getting hearted on Instagram, novelty socks, furry companions (my boyfriend’s pretty furry too!), music, songwriting, mandarins with loose skins and splashing in deep puddles. Dislikes include wet socks, running out of honey, bad taste in music, and watching a tram sail past as you miss it by a millisecond. Oh, I also like poetry, as you might have guessed. 


What Have You Done, Gemma?

Shit tonnes of things. But let’s confine it to writing, yeah? I have had a full-length poetry book – Furniture is Disappearing – published by a real publisher. That happened in 2014. I’ve also been published in heaps of Australian journals, magazines and anthologies, including Best Australian Poems. 

Have You Ever Self-Published Poetry?

Hell’s bells yes. I have made independent zines starting way back in like 2008. I have also edited designed and printed books of other poets’ writing, with publications like Velour and Sacred / Profane. I kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to pay for printing Sacred / Profane and then used print on demand services to fulfill the orders. 

How Has Writing Poetry Helped You?

Throughout my life I have struggled with mental health challenges. Writing has continually been a creative outlet and an emotional support for me. I continue to write because it keeps me healthy. But you don’t have to have a mental illness to benefit from the therapeutic effects of writing. Plus, there are other cool perks – I’ve met friends and lovers through poetry, got published and been paid for my writing! Yippee!

How can I work with you?

I offer one on one writing mentoring – so that’s one way you can work with me. Find out more on my mentoring page or buy writing mentoring now here.

How Can I Help You?

I write on a number of topics relating to writing includinG:

More About Gemma

Gemma lives in Melbourne, Australia. She is a content writer, poet and songwriter. Sometimes she also makes rude artworks.

In 2014, Gemma’s first book of poetry, Furniture is Disappearing, was published by Interactive Press. To buy a copy, go to Books.

Her written work has also been published in a range of Australian creative writing journals, anthologies and websites, including The Age, The Attitude of Cups, Award Winning Australian Writing 2011, Best Australian Poems 2013, foam:e, The Green Fuse, page seventeen, Regime Magazine, Unusual Work, Verity La, Visible Ink and Voiceworks.

Gemma was highly commended in the short story section of the 2018 Glen Eira City Council’s My Brother Jack Awards. In the same awards in 2017, she came second in the open poetry section. She was also highly commended by the 2015 Fellowship of Australian Writers (Vic) John Shaw Neilson Poetry Award.

From 2008 – 2015 she edited and produced poetry anthologies of other poets’ work, releasing Velveteen Zine, Velour (Zine) and Sacred/Profane. In 2019 she made the zine How To Love Your Body. To buy Sacred/Profane go to Books. To purchase other zines, contact Gemma directly.

60+ poems published in books & anthologies

5 years' experience in professional editing